About GAPA

Political Action Committee:
The PAC is GAPA’s direct link/relationship between political action and legislative advocacy. The committee  works with  the GAPA Legislative Consultant in identifying  legislation  and raises funds to acheive this legislation to further the PA profession in Georgia.

Regional Contact Liaison (RCL)
Represent GAPA as an organization to local PAs: organizing regular local meetings to discuss local and statewide issues, fostering a PA community and opportunities to network at local meetings, and facilitating communication between GAPA leadership and local PAs. RCLs form a pivotal connection between GAPA members and GAPA leadership.

Student Affairs Committee
Serves as a liasion between student reps and GAPA. It’s responsibilities include: Organizing the Student Track at Summer Conference; Arranging the Student Volleyball at the Summer Conference; Reviewing and selecting GAPA Student Scholarship recipients; Organizing the Student Challenge Bowl at the Summer Conference; Meeting with each new incoming PA class to educate them about GAPA


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