Get Fit with GAPA PA School Challenge!

GAPA is issuing the challenge to each of Georgia’s four PA schools to help your campus and community “get out, get dirty and get fit” this spring by participating in the “Get Fit with GAPA PA School Challenge.”

We hope you have heard about the “Get Fit with GAPA” program by now. This challenge is a great way to get a student group involved, and you can also get a little reward! The challenge has three goals. You can go for one, two or all three:

  1. Staff a health check table at an upcoming “Tons of Fun” event. The school will score points for PA students, faculty members and PA mentors who participate.
  2. Host a “Rx for Fitness” event for students on campus or at a nearby park or State Park. You might want to organize games such as tug of war or relay races and hand out Rx for Fitness prescriptions (for a FREE State Park admission) to students. The school will score points for student participation and creativity.
  3. Get a booth/table at a community event or the local shopping center and hand and out “Rx for Fitness” prescriptions to the public. The school could score points for each student PA who participates. You can also get extra points by demonstrating community participation. You might want to have a signup sheet, conduct a random drawing for a prize or submit photos showing the turnout from the event.

Submit your challenge results and photos online by May 31, 2012. Click here for the submission form. You may wish to download “Get Fit with GAPA” flyers and posters to help in promotion of your events. If you need materials printed and mailed to you, please contact the GAPA office with your request.

Remember to submit your student challenge entries between March 15 and May 31, 2012. GAPA will award the winning team with a healthy lunch to say thanks for your hard work. Team leaders can also submit success stories to GAPA’s “Cross the Finish Line” contest and may be eligible to win prizes, as well as make a presentation at the GAPA Summer Conference this July in Sandestin FL. For “Cross the Finish Line” contest details, click here.

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