Emory PA Program Update – Class of 2013

Written by Nathan Ingle, PA-S

When we began PA school in August 2011, the class of 2013 felt the normal anticipatory fear, along with excitement, from being chosen to pilot the new modular curriculum at Emory University. We have finally settled in, and the new curriculum has proven to be quite successful. It incorporates a modular-based learning style, wherein each module is on a different body system. Multiple monthly patient encounters are catered toward the body system in study, as well as integrated evidence-based case studies. In addition, this was the first year that Emory PA students were able to do a full anatomy dissection instead of studying prosected cadavers. These opportunities are providing us with great experiences to carry forward into our much-awaited clinical year.

Aside from all the studying, students still find time to organize and attend community service events, such as the Healing Community Clinic and the Good Samaritan Health Clinic, which gives valuable experience in both patient interaction and care. We are currently preparing for our upcoming 11th annual Emory PA Fiesta 5k, scheduled for May 5, which will benefit the South Georgia Farmworker Health Project, the Good Samaritan Health Clinic, and the Henry W. Grady Foundation. We are also gearing up for the South Georgia Farmworker Health Project, scheduled for June 15 – 29.

Through the new curriculum and many volunteer opportunities, the class of 2013 is gathering invaluable skills that will aid us, not only in our clinical year, but in our careers as well. With the summer semester quickly approaching, we are looking forward to all of the upcoming events and embrace the challenges and learning opportunities to come.

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