South University PA Program Update

Written by Skyler J. Lamberth, PA-S1 and Catherine Larsen, PA-S2


January 2017 saw the beginning of a new cohort of South University Physician Assistant students. Matriculates have traveled from all corners of the country to unite and develop into confident healthcare providers that will make a difference in the future of medicine. Just one month into the program, these students have established themselves in several local philanthropic endeavors. These venues have offered students their own platform for contribution in the community using their own capacities and strengths over the next few years. These efforts include sponsoring the Susan G Komen’s charitable race for breast cancer awareness, donating “Quality of Life” items for a collection drive for less fortunate community farm workers in South Georgia, and assisting special needs individuals in the community at AMBUCS bowling opportunity. These students expect to begin volunteering at a healthcare clinic in South Georgia for individuals that may not be receiving care otherwise in coming months. The cohort, in collaboration with the SUPAID Co-Chairs, are eager to use their social aptitude to network for further community outreach. The campus faculty has responded with expressions of desire to contribute as well.

The Student Council was elected in March. Among them, representing the class as GAPA representative is Skyler Lamberth. Skyler states “I intend to use a proactive mindset to provide a smooth process for our class to be involved in the GAPA conference. We will form bridges amongst the medical community at the state level and I believe that cooperatively, we will all benefit a great amount from our local lobbying group. We are able to use this time as an opportunity to network with peers, remain informed on state legislation, CME and stay up to date on ever-changing education for our duration as students.”. Mallory Oxford from Crystal River, Florida was elected as President of the cohort. She reports “I will strive to be an advocate for the good of our class as a whole, while inspiring our classmates and friends to make a lasting impact in the lives of each other and on our community in Savannah”. Other officers elected were: Vice President Charlene Bibeau, Secretary India Wolfendale, Treasurer Brittany Warren, Historian Co-Chairs Kelsey Younge and Katie O’Meara, Social Chair Hannah Greenfield, Diversity Chair Hailey Brickman, SUPAid Co-Chairs Alexis Oglesby, Daniel Knowles and Kailey McGregor, and AAPA Representative Carleigh Michella.

The didactic year is coming to a close for the class of 2018.  70 students will embark on rotations across the state of Georgia beginning in April. The past 15 months of studying, OSCEs, and ALEs has been in preparation for this. The class is looking forward to seeing patients and being challenged in a setting other than the classroom.

The c/o 2018 is aiding in the transition of c/o 2019 via a mentor-mentee program. Younger students were matched with older students in order to provide support and answer questions about PA school.  It has been a positive experience for everyone involved and has established a connection between the two classes.

The class of 2017 is completing their last rotation, studying for the PANCE, and going on job interviews! All the faculty and students of the PA program are excited to see the completion of their journey. It truly is a wonderful achievement. We wish them best of luck in the “real world!”


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