Greetings from Mercer University!

By Michael McKinney

My name is Michael McKinney, and I am excited and honored to serve as the GAPA representative for our class of 2020.

Classes at Mercer began the first week of January, and our exciting first full week in the classroom was capped with the White Coat Ceremony here on our Atlanta campus. Students have been very enthusiastic about diving into our studies, and we have also already been afforded the privilege to interact with patients at various settings throughout the metro-Atlanta area under some gracious and knowledgeable healthcare providers. This is certainly a unique opportunity and one for which we are extremely grateful!

Within our first month in the program, the class of 2020 held an election for officers to represent various aspects of our program. Together, they comprise our leadership body: the Godsey-Matthews Society. They include: Andrew Harper-President, Carly Singletary-Vice President, Paige Jackson-Secretary, and Jamie Cool-Treasurer. 12 other individuals from the class were elected as representatives, and have proven to be dedicated to the PA profession and the further advancement of our student body here at Mercer!

In addition to an intensive class schedule thus far, Mercer students from the class of 2020 are dedicated to continuing to establish a tradition of excellence, and that requires building on the goals set by classes that came before us. With students already interviewing to become members of next year’s class, we remain fervent in our search to find the best and brightest to represent our school. With our ever-increasing knowledge base and abilities, we look forward to applying these elements into our own healthcare practice, as well as encouraging individuals who may be the next generation of PAs!

Mercer’s class of 2020 has grown to become the largest of its PA classes to date, boasting 70 compassionate and energetic students who are eager to become excellent health care providers in our community. We have created a positive and supportive environment, and 70 individuals have come together nicely to form a family. We look forward to the challenges and adventures that are ahead!

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