Barriers for Testing Glucose in Diabetes Management

Amy Butts | GAPA 2020 CME Conference

Written by: Amy Butts, PA-C, MPAS, CDE, BC-ADM

What are some simple questions I ask my patient when I start their visit? Are you testing your blood glucose? How many times of the day? And if they are not, then I ask what is keeping you from testing?  I think patients have become so comfortable with using the A1C as their guide to controlling that they don’t see the reason. The rising cost and lack of coverage of test strips also play a role. Continuous glucose monitors are great tools to improve access to numbers. However, coverage for them vary and often patients need to be testing 4 or more times a day and be on 3 or more shots a day to be covered.  So many barriers exist. I encourage us all to have a conversation with patients to set small goals for testing to give them self awareness of their disease. I give them blood glucose targets to see on their meter to help them know what they need to see to get to their individualized  A1C goals.


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