About GAPA

GAPA’s Mission

GAPA empowers and affords Physician Assistants a voice in legislation, protects the right to practice, provides meaningful connections and the edge to succeed through quality education.

A Voice in Legislation

“GAPA’s financial support of a lobbyist to give PAs a voice in the legislation is essential to our success, ability to practice, and is essential for our ability to thrive.  PAs are a small voice in the legislative picture compared to nurses and MDs, but GAPA gives us the opportunity to have a presence in the legislative process though its sole financial support of a lobbyist to represent PAs.” — Kate McIntosh


Protect the Right to Practice

“In 2020, GAPA participated in the development and advancement of Georgia Senate Bill 321 to improve PA practice flexibility and patient access to healthcare. SB 321 secures PA parity with APRNs in Georgia. GAPA is protecting my ability to practice as a PA in Georgia.” — Negin Bauer


Provide Meaningful Connections

“GAPA has been instrumental in helping me to build relationships with mentors who have been able to help me negotiate contracts successfully, navigate complicated patient care and THRIVE as a PA and a person.” — Haley Queen


Quality Education

“Quality education provided by the GAPA conference gives me intellectual, social, and recreational opportunities to thrive as a provider.” – Amanda Prather 

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