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Read blogs written by GAPA student members at Georgia's five PA schools (Emory University, Mercer University, August University, South University, and GA PCOM ) about life as a PA student!

Georgia Health Sciences University PA Program

Written by Amanda Ness, PA-S, Amanda Brehm, PA-S, and Kathy Dexter, PA-C Spring semester is in full swing for us at Georgia Health Sciences University (GHSU). While the class of 2013 is in the middle of their third semester of didactic year, the class of 2012 is eagerly rounding...

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Emory PA Program Update – Class of 2013

Written by Nathan Ingle, PA-S When we began PA school in August 2011, the class of 2013 felt the normal anticipatory fear, along with excitement, from being chosen to pilot the new modular curriculum at Emory University. We have finally settled in, and the new curriculum has proven to...

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Get Fit with GAPA PA School Challenge!

GAPA is issuing the challenge to each of Georgia’s four PA schools to help your campus and community “get out, get dirty and get fit” this spring by participating in the “Get Fit with GAPA PA School Challenge.” We hope you have heard about the “Get Fit with GAPA”...

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Welcome to GAPA’s student blog!

We’re just getting started so please come back soon to read posts written by GAPA student leaders at Georgia’s four PA schools (Emory, Mercer, GHSU and South University) about life as a PA student. Also coming soon, GAPA will be issuing the challenge to students at Georgia’s four PA...

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