What Prior Attendees are Saying!

“Very good conference. Keep up the good work.”

“Great conference, including venue, talks, exhibits. All of the extra family events were a nice added bonus!  Will definitely attend another GAPA conference!”

“Very well organized convention. Staff was very friendly and easily accessible. Sessions were interesting and the use of the key fobs made answering questions fun.”

“Very good conference one of the best I’ve attended.”

“Great conference. I felt very welcomed as a NP.”

“Great conference. Good job. Will come back again. Love this location!”

“Overall, I was very impressed with the conference and how tightly you stayed on schedule AND the variety of presentations. Thank you for the great experience. I will definitely recommend this conference in the future.”

“This was the first GAPA conference I attended, but it will not be the last. Very educational and helpful!”

“Conference was excellent and I will definitely attend the next opportunity upon my return from deployment.”

“I am a FNP and I really enjoy being able to network with other NPs and PAs. Thank you for inviting ALL mid-levels to the conferences.”

“Great conference.  As always, I enjoyed the workshops. Very informative!  Thanks for all of your work and support for our State PA association.  I am privileged to be part of this organization.”

“The Chest X-ray for Dummies class was excellent. The presentation on AIDS and Parkinson’s disease was excellent. The dermatology class was excellent. The Dermatology Boot Camp was great too. Everyone did a great job!!! Thanks GAPA for this wonderful experience. I can’t wait to tell all of my FNP colleagues.”

“This was my first GAPA conference and I was totally impressed.  Everything was so professionally done, and at the same time relaxed enough for a comfortable learning atmosphere.  I have already invited my NP friends!  Great Conference!”

“I thought that the conference was very well organized. The presentations were very good and extremely professional.”

“Great speakers. Always a good experience.”

“This was an excellent conference.  As an FNP, I will be attending more GAPA conferences.”

“Exceptional speakers – all of them.  Thoroughly enjoyed the conference.”

“GAPA hosts the most fun and exciting conferences I attend.”

“It was a great experience.  Very well organized, fun and engaging speakers, well thought-out topics with many clinical pearls.”

“I live in NC but thoroughly enjoy the GAPA conference. In fact, I choose it over the NCAPA conference. Thanks for all of your hard work.”

“A great course in a great location! Keep up the good work. Speakers were well-versed and fun to listen to.”

“As a first time attendee, I was very pleased with the conference and the facility where it was held. Lectures were informative and interesting. I am looking forward to attending another GAPA conference.”

“I was pleased with this conference. I attended AANP national conference two years ago and it was fantastic. This conference was very comparable. I also appreciated feeling welcomed as NP.”

“As a new FNP I really found the information helpful in my practice. Many of the questions that I have on a routine basis were covered at the conference. I plan to attend an upcoming conference and am looking forward to it!”

“I enjoyed the conference greatly. I feel that the topics were perfect and appropriate for my field in Internal Medicine. It was great to learn to material and be refreshed of older material as well. Overall, one of the best conferences I have been to. Great lecturers.”

“The GAPA conferences are so well orchestrated it makes me really proud to be a PA in GA every time I attend a conference. I always think “Wow!” this is my profession’s conference!”

“I will attend GAPA conferences in the future. It was the most enjoyable and organized conference I have ever attended.”

“I thought the conference was very relevant to what PAs do and what PAs need to know.”

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